14 Amazing Nature Photos to Get You Wild for Winter

Ready or not, winter officially arrives this Saturday. Whether you will be welcoming the season with open arms or need a bit of a boost to get into the winter spirit, these amazing nature photos will have you wild about winter in no time.

snowflakes close up

Image: www.weheartit.com/Zyjyfugqhi

Paper snowflakes are no match for the real thing! Catch a snowflake and examine its beautiful intricacies before it melts away.

winter surfing

Image: www.chrisburkard.tumblr.com

Have you packed your surfboard away for the season, or are you more like this brave (crazy?) soul who took to the waves in wintertime? If you’re considering a surf session this season, say a prayer to the wetsuit gods and let this photo be your inspiration!

winter sunset

Image: www.flickr.com/photos/nightgallery

Sunset watching isn’t just for summer! In fact, winter (and autumn) sunsets are more vivid than those at any other time of year. The dry, clear Canadian air that sweeps the country at those times allows more colors of the spectrum to pass through clearly, resulting in dazzling pink, orange and red sunsets.

dog sledding

Image: www.theguardian.com

Look at those slopes! Imagine the possibilities! Skiing, snowboarding, heck, we even see some dog sledding happening! This ski-lift’s-eye view of the mountain is tugging on our snow-loving heartstrings.

bird on glove

Image: www.weheartit.com/LeeSoMang93

Not every bird flies south for the winter, and we bet those who stick around get pretty bored without their bird friends. Maybe that’s why this friendly guy was so quick to land on this gloved hand. Or maybe it was the food! Check out the parks that offer bird watching in your Pocket Ranger® app‘s By Activity section (within the Explore feature) to locate prime birding destinations.


Image: www.day-dreamer-for-now.tumblr.com

Who says winter is always dreary? We love the way the low winter sun causes the snow to sparkle. Take advantage of a beautiful, sunny winter day by heading to the parks with your friends for some fun in the snow. Snowball fight, anyone?

deer in winter

Image: www.weheartit.com/mariamaria11

This deer clearly doesn’t mind getting snowed on, so why should we? Not all animals go into hibernation come wintertime, and winter is an especially gorgeous time for viewing wildlife. If you’re an avid wildlife watcher, you’re in luck, as our family of Fishing, Hunting & Wildlife apps is growing fast. Check out our apps page to see if there’s an app for your state.


Image: www.500px.com/saic749

Strap on those snowshoes; it’s high season for snowy hikes! Crunch and slosh your way through the blankets of snowfall as you take advantage of this magical season for exploring. Snow-covered trees provide a scenic backdrop that even the prettiest of leaves can’t match.

winter camping

Image: www.500px.com/matif

You don’t have to let winter get between you and a night under the stars. Plenty of state parks offer winter camping. Search your Pocket Ranger® app By Activity under the Explore feature, brush up on these winter camping tips, and you’ll be camping like a pro this season.

snowy cabin

Image: www.500px.com/photo/19677389

Turn your snowy excursion into an extended wintertime retreat when you pass a night or two in a cozy, snow-covered cabin. With much of the animal kingdom hibernating the season away, winter is an exceptionally quiet and peaceful time for a nature getaway. Best of all, you can secure reservations at state park cabins through your Pocket Ranger® app, so planning your escape has never been easier.

frozen waterfall

Image: www.makingorangethings.tumblr.com

Don’t go chasin’ waterfalls… unless they’re frozen, in which case, get out there and start exploring! While roaring waterfalls are undoubtedly glorious, we think there’s something even more magnificent about them once winter’s temperatures turns them into ice.

deep snow

Image: www.yourdutyasahuman.tumblr.com

If you’re a winter adventurer, this photo probably leaves you itching to hit the slopes (it sure does us). Do you have a favorite winter activity, or is this the year you plan to try a new winter sport?

winter sky

Image: www.trichardsen.deviantart.com/art/Nightsong-367618459

Long winter nights mean more stargazing opportunities! Winter makes for excellent sky-watching, as the season’s cold, dry air is free of the humidity and haze that can cloud summer skies. The Geminid meteor shower dazzles in mid-December, while the short but sweet Quadrantid shower rains down just after the new year. Many state parks host star gazing events, so check your Pocket Ranger® app‘s Calendar of Events before you head out. 

dog in snow

Image: www.flickr.com/photos/hirttosolmu

Don’t forget that our four-legged friends love to play in the snow just as much as we do! Luckily, with their luscious fur coats, our beloved canine friends are much lower maintenance snow-goers than we humans are. No fussy cold weather preparations necessary!

We hope our amazing nature photos have helped get you in the mood for winter. Whether you’re looking forward to the season or not, we want to hear all about your thoughts on winter in the comments!

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