Classic Easy to Moderate Boulder Problems at Rocktown

Contributed by Justin Fricke of The Weekend Warrior

Take a look at “Mountain Project,” a climbing guidebook, or any climbing videos. There seems to be a theme that some of the hardest boulder problems are also considered “classic” and routes everyone should do. I’ve found that most of these classic boulder problems are graded a V6 or higher. Depending on how often you boulder, it could take awhile, maybe a year or more, for you to become a V6 climber.

Large boulders in a forest in Rocktown, Georgia

Rocktown, Georgia [Image:]

But don’t worry! There are plenty of easy to moderate boulder problems that most anyone can do. These routes typically aren’t mentioned in online forums or climbing videos, and they don’t get many stars in climbing books. They’re there; you just have to look for them and try them out! I’ve been to Rocktown in northwest Georgia a handful of times, and have found these moderate boulder problems to be plenty of fun for either the novice climber on their first climbing trip or for the expert climber looking for some new warm-ups.

Monkey Bars V1

This is a perfect warm-up problem or a confidence booster for any climber. The big holds make the long moves seamless and with the route being overhung, your feet can kick out without the fear of dabbing (falling off).

Ripple V2

This is a great route that requires a little core strength towards the end. As your fingertips lock off on the diagonal edge, the big jug at the top feels like a godsend.

A man climbs a difficult boulder

Climbing Belly Button [Image: Justin Fricke]

Belly Button V3

The Belly Button is another overhanging route with some big moves. As you progress, the holds get smaller. Make sure your feet are solid, stick to the monopocket (the belly button), and then make a big move for the sloper jug.

El Baño Direct V4

Not quite sure why this route’s named “the toilet direct” because it doesn’t resemble anything close to a crapper. The holds are friendly, and (depending on your height, and whether you dig hand jams or dynos) there are lots of options on how to climb this boulder.

Golden Shower V5

The top on this one may make you give someone a golden shower, but getting there might be a bit tricky. From crimps to slopers, this one is definitely going to test the dynamics of your climbing ability.

Man climbs a difficult rock face

Bouldering Golden Shower [Image: Justin Fricke]

Whether you’re a seasoned climber or this is your first boulder trip, these boulder problems are sure to give you a good time. The best is that this list hardly scratches the surface of easy to moderate boulder problems that often go overlooked. Get out to Rocktown and find some of your own favorite boulder problems!

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