GeoChallenge 101: A Guide for the Geo-Challenged

Many of you have been digging the delicious recipes supplied by our proud partner, Post Grape-Nuts Fit, not to mention enjoying the tasty product samples available at participating state parks. Well, we have even more great news, because this partnership just got better! To celebrate joining forces with Post Grape-Nuts Fit, we teamed up to create the ultimate outdoor game: the Post Grape-Nuts Fit “What’s Your Mountain?” Challenge. We couldn’t be more excited about the upcoming launch of this interactive new GeoChallenge, which is just the first of many we will be hosting on our soon-to-debut revamped website, Pocket Ranger eXchange.

Now, you may be thinking “Yay!” or maybe, “What the heck is a GeoChallenge?” If you’re in the latter camp, don’t worry! We compiled this handy guide to GeoChallenges to answer your most pressing questions. Without further ado:

What IS a GeoChallenge?


A GeoChallenge is a fun, eco-conscious way to explore and learn about parks, historic areas and wildlife viewing trails. Using Pocket Ranger®‘s advanced GPS mapping features, these GeoChallenges will guide you through a series of outdoor sites and destinations, creating the ultimate virtual tour. The prize lies in uncovering the intrinsic beauty of state parks, historic landmarks, forests, and beyond, earning points along the way. These points may be redeemed toward big rewards by Pocket Ranger® and our Proud Partners.

Each challenge is made up of a series of sites, also called Geolocations. You must check them all off your list before completing a challenge. Every Geolocation has a designated point value. While we’re all for taking it easy, it’s the tough challenges that reap the big rewards. Just be sure to grab the opportunity while the GeoChallenge is available, since each one only runs for a limited time.

Fun for all ages, groups and families, GeoChallenges encourage outdoor enthusiasts to explore the outdoors and unearth natural treasures. What’s more, GeoChallenges offer a chance for adventurers and nature lovers to connect and interact. We want to know about you, and so do other users, which is why you’ll create your very own Profile where you’ll share your interests, favorite outdoor activities, challenges you’ve participated in and why everyone should keep their eyes peeled for you to take home the big prizes. You’ll be able to meet your competition using the Leaderboard. Keep tabs on other participants’ progress and see how each player ranks. Check out your own status, and discover who’s ahead, who’s coming up behind you and who you’re bound to knock off the list next. The Comments section is the spot where you can share tidbits from your challenges, such as particularly mind-blowing finds or tips for future players.

Are you totally sold? We thought so! We’ll be bringing more information to you shortly as we approach the launch of the Post Grape-Nuts Fit “What’s Your Mountain?” Challenge, including how to play, so stay tuned!

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