Nature Spotting: Salt Water State Park, Washington

Set your sights on Pocket Ranger®’s outdoor photo of the week, and let your senses guide you towards adventure.


Here at Pocket Ranger®we like to keep things cryptic. When it comes to sharing the status of new, state park apps, we think it’s more fun to show and not tell—don’t you agree? Case in point, On a recent scouting trip we happened upon the coastline of Saltwater State Park but were entirely remiss to snap a photo waypoint—blame the view, the excitement of exploring a new state park or getting too caught up in our research to share the goods before time. Instead we took to the blogosphere to find a shot that depicted the natural beauty of this West Coast wonder. The changing tide, meandering crab and majestic gloom that presides over Saltwater State Park, like Mother Nature’s very own protective sheath, are just some of its virtues. If you’ve never been to the west coast, you might not be familiar with rocky beaches piled high with driftwood. But just as some from our team discovered the west coast on our trip to Saltwater and other learned of this singular coastline with this post, we hope to offer you one better: a digital souvenir slated for fall 2012. Catch our drift?

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