4 tips for window and glass cleaning

Windows are one of the elements that say the most about the cleanliness of our home or office. Many times, as is the case of the premises, they are the first contact with the client, being essential that they are in optimal conditions. Window cleaning can be an annoying task, since if you don’t do it properly it will take time and, worse, you won’t get the results you want. Scratches and stains are a classic on these surfaces. More info: Click Here 

Here are some simple tips to make your windows and windows sparkle.

1. The right product

In any supermarket you can find glass cleaners or multi-purpose sprays, but not all of them guarantee a good result. There is another option: you prepare it yourself. For this you can mix hot water with a jet of alcohol and ammonia. The result will surprise you.

2. Vinegar

When it comes to brightening the crystals it is very useful to add vinegar to the water. This will eliminate the lime left by the water, as well as the traces and marks of the glass.

3. Newspaper or glass cleaner with rubber

If you use kitchen paper or cloth, they will most likely leave traces of lint on the surface. It is better to use a glass cleaner with rubber on one end and sponge on the other. If you don’t have any at hand, you can simply rub the surface with crumpled newspaper.

4. From top to bottom

More important than the product, if possible, is the cleaning technique you use. The direction we must draw is descending, from top to bottom. Always letting the product act for a couple of minutes before rinsing.  

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